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Graham, Frank

David's Great Grandfather fathered Bessie Mae (Huff) Eddy (born 6-Sep-1905) with Edit Pearl Huff. Frank and Edith never married, family legend says her father forbid it. Edit died 18 months later on 3-Mar-1907 of Consumption (Tuberculosis).

I know nothing for certain about Frank, other than his name. I was told that he did marry and fathered 10 other children with his wife, but I ave no record of it.

Does anyone have any information about him?

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Tanner, William

William Tanner died a young man in May of 1829 leaving three children under the age of 10 and a wife (Sarah Gray). I believe that William was born between 1795 and 1800 to the William Tanner who was a Private from Virginia in the Revolutionary War.

He may have been this William's Grandson but currently it appears that he was his son. William Sr. was born about 1751 and died 04-Jun-1835 and is buried in Tanner Cemetery (only known Burial) near Willow Tree, Greene Co., PA

I am looking for any additional information on these two men and their ancestry.

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Seals, Vincent

Some researchers believe Vincent, son of Capt. James and Sarah Elizabeth (Brown) Seals, died in Vera Cruz, Mexico on April 3, 1847, during the Mexican War. I believe this is incorrect and the Vincent who died there was the son of Vincent’s brother John and Mary (Bush) Seals, for the following reasons:

1. Vincent (son of James) appears to have been born in the 1790's, making him about 50 years old in 1847, a little old for a private in the army at that time. I have found no evidence to support the approximate 1815 date some researchers list for his birth. In the 1820 Census he is already the head of household and is listed as age 18-26, so he would have been born between 1794 and 1802. In the 1840 Census he is age, 40-50, placing him as born between 1790 and 1800, so my best guess he was born between 1794 and 1800. In 1847 he would be between 47 and 53 years of age.

2. Howard Leckey in “Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families” states this Vincent (son of James) died about 1848, which would be close. I believe this date is correct, Vincent (son of James) died in early 1848, in Greene County PA from an unknown cause. His possible widow (Susan Jane Cage, see below for more thoughts on his marriage to Susan Jane Cage) petitioned for a Guardian for William (her son) on March 22, 1848, Vincent would be deceased by then, so this may be the source for Leckey’s date. However, see item numbers 4 & 5 below, for why I believe Susan may not have been the wife of Vincent (son of James), but the wife of Vincent (son of John). The Guardian was released January 17, 1856, before William was 10 years old. So I would assume that Sarah had remarried by that time and a guardian no longer needed.

3. The belief that his second wife (Susan Jane Cage) died prior to 1850 to explain why his children are in foster care may be incorrect. Since William (the only child of Susan) is not included in the Guardianship order of 1851, I believe she had remarried and is listed in the 1850 census under her new married name and William is with her, listed with his stepfather's name in error. This would explain why William is missing from the 1851 Guardianship Order, his mother was still living. William does reappear later living in Center Township (1870 & 1880), California, PA (1900) and East Pike Run Township (1910) with a wife and family, so he was living in 1850. I have been unable to locate Susan and William in the 1850 census at this time.

4. Also, it is possible that Susan Jane was the wife of Vincent (son of John), not a second wife of Vincent (son of James), explaining why there are separate Guardianship orders for the Children.

5. I think it is also likely that Jane Chapman did not die around 1845, as many believe. I think she remarried, and lived till about 1880. In the 1880 census there is listed, then crossed out, a Jane Bosworth, Mother-in-law, age 79, living with William Wilson and Sarah Jane (Seals) Taylor. Sarah Jane is the daughter of Vincent (son of James) and Jane Chapman. Jane Bosworth is listed in the 1880 Mortality Schedule as dying in Jan, 1880 and the family thinking if the person was alive during 1880 she should be listed included her, then it was realized it was living after June 1st, the census taker crossed, her off the census. If this is Jane (wife of Vincent), she and Vincent (son of James) either divorced (if Vincent remarried) or she was his widow and Sarah Jane Cage was the wife of Vincent (son of John). I think Jane may even be the Jane Mitchell who requested the Guardian for the 3 children of Vincent & Jane (Chapman) Seals in the 1851 Guardian-ship order. Jane Mitchell is listed as 50 years old in the 1850 census matching up very closely with Jane Bosworth’s 79 years old in the 1880 census.

6. The Pennsylvania Archives in their published archives Series Six, Volume 10 has a roster of all Mexican War Volunteers from Pennsylvania. Vincent is listed as 18 years of age, thus could not be Vincent (son of James) due to item 1 above and the fact he had fathered 3 or 4 children by this time. I'm not sure if 18 years old is when he enlisted or when he died. It is not clear which, but either would eliminate Vincent (son of James).

7. Homer L. Clark in his paper "The Last of the Rangers" published in 1906 states that the Vincent who died @ Vera Cruz, was the Grandson of Capt. James Seals, not the son. This would point to Vincent (son of John) being the Mexican War soldier.

8. Vincent (son of John) was born about 1826, which would make him about 18 years old at the time (not sure if the 18 years old is when he joined or when he died).

9. I have been unable to locate anything referring to Vincent (son of John) after the Mexican War.

None of the above proves Vincent (son of John) was the Mexican War soldier, but it does cast doubt on it being Vincent (son of Capt. James Seals).

Additional research is needed on this subject. I would be interested in hearing any other Seals researchers’ thoughts on the above, please use the "Tell us what you know" link below with your thoughts or comments. Also, if you would like copies of the documents referred to in the article, please email me at the address above.


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Guardianship order for the Children of Vincent and Jane Seals; Greene County Orphan’s Court; Waynesburg, Pennsylvania; May 16, 1851

Pennsylvania Archives, Series Six, Volume 10; Harrisburg, PA; 1907

Tenmile Country and its Pioneer Families; Howard Leckey; Page 355

The Last of the Rangers, Washington County Genealogical Society; Homer L. Clark; 1906; Page 9

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Huff, Edith Pearl - Burial Location

I'm attempting to find the Burial Location of Edith Pearl Huff (d. 3-Mar-1907 in Monongalia Co., WV. She is the mother of my grandmother Bessie Mae (Huff) Eddy (b. 6-Sep-1907). Edith died 18 months after my grandmother's birth and I have been unable to locate any information on her other than an entry in the Monongalia Co. Death Register. and the 1900 census.

I do know the undertaker's name was W. A. Tucker, is there a funeral hone today that is a successor to his businees?

I would like to find where she was buried and any other information that can be added about her.

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 Mystery Photos

Masters Family

Picture was taken about 1905. I can identify most of the people in this photograph but need assistance as follows:

From the left first are the twins, Allison & Elzie. If anyone knows which is which?

Next is George, the woman standing beside him may be his first wife Annie (Dye) Masters. She died in July of 1904, so depending on when the picture was taken it may be her. It may also be one of George's sisters. Does anyone know?

The young boy with his father is Jesse.

Then we have Alexander and Louisa (Yeager) Masters.

Last is the woman on the left holding a baby (It is hard to see, but she is). My two best guesses would be either Dossie (Masters) Smith or Lucy (Masters) Kent. If it is Lucy, the baby would be my Grandmother Kate Kent. Does anyone know who she is?

Any Help is appreciated.

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Eddy Family

The picture was taken late 1912 or Early 1913 the best I can tell. I am basing that on the fact their daughter (Gracie Ellen b. 22-Mar-1895 d. 6-Nov-1911) is not in the photo and the approximate age of Ralph. The photo more than likely was taken somewhere on Jake’s Run, but that is simply based on where they lived at the time. Most of the boys are guesses on my part, but I think I’m right. I have listed what ones that I’m unsure of, I don’t think I would use this list to caption the photo, but the dates and spouses are correct.

From Left to right:

Clarence Hester b. 11-Feb-1902 d.7-Oct-1977 (may also be Charlie?) Married: Audrey Ernestine McCoy.

Eugenus b. 9-Oct-1870 d.12-Oct-1954 (Son of James Perry & Elizabeth (Wilson) Eddy)

Ralph (on Eugenus’ lap) b. 2-Nov-1911 d. 21-Sep-1963 (Was son of their daughter Gracie Ellen, Eugenus and Lucretia raised him as their own)

William Russell (front) b. 30-Apr-1907 d.6-Aug-1994 married Gladys Harriet Stull

Clide Bryant (back) b. 26-Oct-1896 d. 14-Sep-1950 married Goldie May Moore

Lucretia Matilda (Ammons) b. 12-Oct-1877 d.10-Feb-1961 (daughter of John Hudson & Margaret (Tennant) Ammons)

Simmie Ray (back) b. 14-Mar-1900 d. 21-Feb-1968 (may be Lessie?) married Bessie Mae Huff (They are David's maternal grandparents)

Raymond L. (front) b. 18-May-1906 d. 21-Oct-1950 married Della Nancy Tennant

Charlie (front) b. 4-Feb-1903 d. 7-Jul-1956 (may be Clarence?) married Mae Jones

Lessie (back) b. 18-Oct-1898 d. 23-May-1968 (may be Simmie?) married Ottie Gerald Ammons

Any help with the four questionable identities would be appreciated.

Kent Family

I know the for certain most of the adults in this picture.

From left: Hiram Kent, Lucy (Masters) Kent, J. S. Kent and Catherine (Eddy) Kent

The man on the right is probably William Kughn

The two boys in front are unknown, anybody know who they are?

Sorry for the quality of the photograph, it is the only copy I have of this photo

Tanner, Francis and Alberta Eirad?

The little boy in the photo is my father-in-law, Francis W. Tanner. We're trying to identify the woman/girl who is holding him. On the back of the photo is written the name Alberta and what appears for to be Eurad for the last name. We know no one by this name.

The only Alberta in the immediate family is Alberta Frances (Maple) Fox. To be her, two things would have to be true. The first would be that what I'm seeing as Eurad would have to be Frances (I guess possible) or Maple (Doubtful). Second Alberta is only about 6-1/2 years older than Francis, could this Girl and Boy, be that close in age.

My father-in-law did confirm that he was the young boy in the picture, so does anyone know who is Alberta?

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